project review


Review submitted by Research Assistant
Review date 18 Mar 2018


I am sad that my time in Madagascar is coming to an end. It has been a fantastic experience from which I will take a lot of happy memories and life skills (example: how to light a fire and crush garlic amongst other much more useful things). Teaching was a dream. The students, both adults and children, were inspirational. The adults became good friends and I have some lovely poems to take home from which to remember them by. The young students at the school were so excited to have us there and wanted to learn English. The walk home every day, escorted by at least 20-30 children was an experience to say the least. I will probably never say ‘hi’ and high five quite as much again in my life.


 The next project was Marine. The aquatic life was sublime and the knowledge of the field staff was top notch. I quickly felt confident to not only dive, of which I was a complete beginner, and knew everything I needed to know to be an active team player during surveys and active searches. The water was so warm and the boat laughs with the other RA’s was great fun.


The Forest project is really interesting. Sweaty, but worth it. Observing Lemurs in their natural home is very cool and they are very cute. I never thought before coming here that I would be a practised butterfly catcher. Camp life is great, I quickly felt comfortable and at home and felt totally relaxed enjoying beach life when not busy with a project. In all, Madagascar has been full of surprises, the culture and the locals has been so warm and welcoming. The support from the field staff has been superb.

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