project review

Dirty, smelly and brusied

Review submitted by Sapphira Looker
Review date 4 Jul 2018


After 10 weeks of forest, phase 102’s volunteer's are pretty dirty, smelly, and bruised but definitely fitter braver and amazed at what they have fitted in. The phase can be summarised by:
Spotting lemurs, holding chameleons, pinning snakes, eating monkey oranges, sunsets on broken mountain, watching bats covered in mud in the bat roost forest, siestas in hammocks, Sunday flatbreads, zebu Tuesday’s, patiently waiting for wildlife photos, Akomba (lemur) spotting with Freda (The guardian’s two year old little girl), cards, itching, stream washes with Madagascar’s random wildlife, getting to know the locals, learning how to dance Gasy style in the local village, watching Spot the puppy eat everything, hairdo’s from Gilda, Cold cokes in the village after football, teaching English in the village, food porn, amazing views, amazing wildlife, and amazing people.

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